ArchStudio have its own experienced in-house engineering team which look after construction projects.

Contruction Overview

We provide full service general contracting and construction. we have our own experienced in-house engineering team which look after construction projects.

Architecture is more into the creativity of designs. Civil engineering focus on innovation to realize that design. A good architect-engineer relationship is vital to have a more efficient, high quality project results. usually it lacks, due to poor communication, skills and quality control between Architect and Civil Contractor. This eventually results in increased project cost, delays in project completion and quality of work.

To overcome these situations and to provide quality of work, we setup ArchStudio under the same administration.

We at ArcStudio Associates initiates the project through architectural drawings then our construction department ensure to implement this design into reality.

We are who oversees the physical build improvements on the site by engaging our expertise in construction projects.

We, that employee everyone else involved with construction and monitor and coordinate with construction engineers to insure that client’s project is completed properly.

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Contracting services

We have our own dedicated qualified experts backed-up by Architectural expertise. Both departments’ works side by side, technically synchronized with best proven engineering knowledge and expertise.

  • We ensure every single detail is executed as per Architectural details while still maintaining the best optimal enactment without wasting any resources
  • That’s the key to a successful project, within time and estimated budget.

Estimating Process

Construction Estimation Process

The best foundation for a successful project starts with a comprehensive construction estimate prepared by skilled estimators.

Our in-house estimating team brings years of hands-on building construction know-how, including structural, mechanical, electrical and civil materials, ensuring knowledgeable and reliable estimates. They are well versed with the construction methodologies.

At ArcStudio, we synchronize these disciplines into a total project scope starting from schematic design to design development and construction.

This practice enables us to provide a unique and accurate estimation report to our client, giving them the ability to make informed decisions.

Site Investigation

Site investigation is crucial to determine the success of an estimate. At ArchStudio, we examine and document all details including orientation, area climate, utilities, construction facilities and other conditions unique to the project site.

Determination of Construction Method

Individual parts of the project are analyzed for construction methods, ArchStudio study the scope of work, conformance of the documents and needs of the project. This also involves the weather conditions at the time of project construction starts and other site specific conditions and requirements.

Pricing of Materials and other Fixtures

Once the materials and fixtures are finalized, ArchStudio approach to the vendors for quotations. These quotations are documented on record sheets and kept as part of the estimate information for the project.

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