What is ArchStudio?

ArchStudio is a multifaceted organization that focuses on Architecture, Interior design, Construction Management, Design-build, Map Passing and Real Estate in Lahore.

At ArchStudio, we believe that creativity is the essence of life and when brought together with experience and ability most amazing outcomes are obtained. When assigned a project, ArchStudio’s team of seasoned Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers develop distinctively innovative designs as per client’s living and working needs. We are experts in both modern and contemporary design.

With us, construction management is a turnkey process that entails developing a quality structure without compromising on materials, following policies and SOPs with legal guarantees to a chic or finished product. .

What Services does ArchStudio Offer?

ArchStudio provides Architecture Planning, Interior Designing, Construction Management, Design Build, Structure Engineering, Map Passing and Real Estate in Lahore.

We offer design, building and construction materials procured from our on-board approved suppliers.

Construction Management or Project Management is also handled as a Turnkey Design-Build job.

How is ArchStudio different from other in industry with similar scope of work?

ArchStudio follows a futuristic approach, believes in the ingenuity of change and is a front runner in the introduction of latest technology. We believe in transparency in flow of information to build an everlasting trust. ArchStudio is not reliant on a single professional like most architectural firms, instead a high ranked team works on projects.

What is your initial cost for designing?

Cost for design depends on the size and type of the project. Once provided with the client brief, we generate an initial cost estimate for design. One thumb rule is number of days and hours put in by our team of Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers.

Is Construction a part of the process at ArchStudio?

Yes! ArchStudio takes construction projects on turnkey basis as per client demand. It has its own construction team to execute the in-house designed projects – from architectural development, engineering up to interior fit-outs – as per agreed BOQs (Bill of Quantities).We provide complete construction management service. See Construction page for more information.

Do ArchStudio Construct with or without material?

We construct building as per client’s agree. we construct with and without material. material will be good as client agree.

What services do turnkey project entail?

Turnkey is the methodology that covers architectural design and layout, engineering (civil, structural, electrical and plumbing), plot maintenance, short-listing and supervision and management of material purchases and handling. It also involves site supervision, quality assurance of work being produced in line with the scope of design, set budgets and based on set timelines.

What is the procedure for electrical design at ArchStudio?

Detailed Electrical Design layouts, including the power schematic charts, are produced by our Electrical Engineers, complete with provisions for lighting, power, camera, fire alarms, etc., based on load design for a project.

Where can i see the projects you have done so far?

Visit our Projects page to see our Recent work on www.archstudio.pk/projects and you can find details of our completed projects. The section is regularly updated to highlight the progress being made by our company.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Every project is unique in itself so it is scheduled accordingly. A detailed Gantt chart outlining the start-to-finish flow of work is produced for each project.

Does ArchStudio operate outside Lahore?

We offer design services for projects outside Lahore and internationally. We are already working as consultants for a number of international clients, across far East and Europe.

If you find a high quality constructor for your project?